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A flexible and competent hydraulic wrist

OilQuick tiltrotator is a hydraulic wrist that turns your excavator into a highly versatile machine. If you mount automatic OilQuick quick couplers on top of and underneath the Tiltrotator, it not only tilts to the side and rotates for greater maneuverability but also enables you to attach hydraulic tools within a few seconds.

OilQuick Tiltrotator - system solution

Using the OilQuick tiltrotator equipped with the sandwich solution, the driver can tilt, rotate or change the tiltrotator for a bucket or other attachment and also change hydraulic tools under the tiltrotator without having to leave the cab. This takes the tiltrotator to a new level. OilQuick also supplies a complete range of tools and accessories for tiltrotators. You have come to the right place – we will provide you with a complete package consisting of quick coupler, tiltrotator, control system, attachments and accessories. We will also help you choose the right tools and combinations.

Benefits with OilQuick tiltrotator

OilQuick takes the tiltrotator to a new level

OilQuick tiltrotator can tilt 40 degrees, rotate limitlessly and change hydraulic work tools directly from the drivers cab. This takes the tiltrotator to a new level! 

One-piece cast motor housing
OilQuick Tiltrotator is based on Indexator’s proven Rototilt technology, the OilQuick tiltrotator has one-piece cast motor housing, powerful worm gear, oil-filled rotor housing, hardened tilt cylinders and strong bolted joints. 

OilQuick quick coupler above and below
OilQuick quick coupler below the tiltrotator enables lightning fast tool changes of buckets and hydraulic work tools. Always the right tool!

Grapple module addon
The tiltrotator’s lower quick coupler is prepared for grapple modules which easily can be mounted on the quick coupler under the tiltrotator.

OilQuick lock valve
All OilQuick tiltrotators are equipped with an OilQuick lock valve, which ensures that the attachments are kept securely in place and the lower quick coupler can be operated safely.

Quick return on your OilQuick investment
When excavating with the tiltrotator, the machine lifts about an extra 55 tons every hour (using the tiltrotator for 15 ton excavators). This results in additional fuel costs of around 2.5 to 4 euros per hour.Like every other work tool, the tiltrotator should be used where it is of the greatest benefit. If you use the tiltrotator correctly for the appropriate purpose, you can save fuel costs and substantially reduce maintenance and repair costs.