Oilquick Spain


Automatic quick coupler system for wheel loaders

Change between various mechanical and hydraulic attachments from inside the cab!

OilQuick is an automatic quick coupler system for wheel loaders, which allows hydraulic work tools to be connected and disconnected directly from the drivers cab. The operator can change between various work tools within a few seconds, such as log forks, high dumping buckets, pallet forks with hydraulic tine adjustment, sweepers, bale clamps, rotating bale clamps etc. You always therefore have the right attachment for the job.

Select the right mount for your machine





The right tool always ready for the job

OilQuick is the most advanced quick coupler system for Wheel loaders and is available in three models for machines from 5 to 33 tons. The OilQuick system will not only make your excavator but also your company more flexible, competitive and cost effective. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have more than fifteen years of experience in the field and will be glad to advise you and provide further information.

Coupler function

The OilQuick quick coupler locks the quick coupler to the attachment bracket, at the same time connecting the hydraulic hose couplings. All of this is done in one motion.